Too often, Delaware people are too satisfied to ride around in their vehicle with a damaged windshield. But this has to stop; if nothing else, it is because it is dangerous to the driver and/or other drivers. There are many ways that the windshield can come to be damaged or that damage can be spread. A good thing to understand is that it all fixable or it can be replaced. It is not an end all thing when damage to the windshield happens! The important thing to note is that at the very beginning, it’s important to seek the service of a professional; one that is knowledgeable and trained. Much of the repairs needed is something that is easily repaired, but in the case where too much damage is done, there maybe the need for a complete replacement.

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Types of Auto Glass Damage

Chips/Nicks: One of the most common forms of auto glass damage is a chip or nick of some sort. Oddly enough, these chips come in all sizes. They are normally caused by some errant rock that is spun up to the windshield at a ridiculously fast speed. The resulting chip sometimes just remains a chip for the rest of the life of the vehicle, but there are those times that it can turn into something else. A chip can occur anywhere on the windshield and normally just affects the outer layer of the windshield.

Scratch across the windshield: This is a particularly dangerous form of damage to the auto glass. The reason being is that it is not a clear and deliberate crack but a scratch. Having the same effect as a smudge or a scratch on a person’s glasses; it alters the viewing of that person. Likewise with a vehicle, a portion of their viewing is blocked. Because of the scratch, their total viewing is not the same. It can be right across their line of vision. This is why in some states it is illegal to have windshield damage of any kind. It can lead to a horrific accident or erroneous judgment calls. This is why you should always use a professional with Delaware glass repair to help with your problems.

A Short/Long Crack: This is also a dangerous form of damage to the window. Unlike the scratch, it does not normally block the driver’s view or impairs their judgment. But what it does is worse because it can also lead to a horrific accident. With a crack, there is a gamble that at any moment the whole thing can just shatter inwardly, perhaps causing injury to the driver and/or passenger. Whether it be running into a pothole or speeding over a speed bump; the resulting vibrations and jarring of the windshield can result in instant shattering. However, that is not the extent of the danger that can be done. Picture this; a car with a damaged windshield is driving along a busy main road. This car hits a small pothole, and the shattered glass begins to rain down on them. The suddenness of it all will, no doubt, cause an instant distress and involuntary startling. It causes the driver to jerk the wheel and swerve or causes them to brake suddenly or too slowly realize the car in front of them has slowed.

There is very real and present danger in allowing a windshield to remain damaged and poses a threat to other drivers and passengers.

How Does this Happen?

Unfortunately, these are things that happen that are outside of the realm of control; mostly, the case of gravel falling from a truck in front of the vehicle. There are also those times in the heat of summer where hot water is used to wash the car that has a hot windshield. This will cause any preexisting crack to expand across the windshield. While this was avoidable, sometimes it is easy to forget such things and attempt to wash a hot windshield with cold water!

Professional Care for Auto Glass Repair

As with anything, it is important to seek out professionals that have a customer first principle. One that is full of trained technicians that are knowledgeable and skilled in their trade. With professional care, there is less chance of reoccurrence and mistakes.

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